Saving Lives through Pregnancy Counseling: Sharon gives her testimony

Emily and Nathan, a couple from Uganda, presented their live testimony at the UN Commission on the Status of Women held in NYC in March 2018. It is about their use of the Billings Ovulation Method of natural fertility regulation.





August 26, 2019


Honorable Cui Tiankai

Ambassador of China to the US

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the United States of America

3505 International Place NW

Washington, DC 20008


Dear Honorable Tiankai,


Greetings from California! I hope you are well and prospering in all things. The recent events in Hong Kong compel me to write to you to plead for greater democratic freedom in Hong Kong. The population of Hong Kong has been threatened by an extradition bill which would force them to be judged by the mainline China legal system instead of the system left in Hong Kong after a century of British rule. The bill has been put on hold but not withdrawn in spite of numerous protests by the people of Hong Kong (HK).


The people of HK have long enjoyed the democratic freedoms afforded them by the British Commonwealth. They are rightly distressed that these freedoms are threatened and taken away from them one by one. Therefore, the youth mostly, have filled the streets by the thousands to plead for justice. These protests have been going on for three months and do not show any signs of abating.


Most have access to social media. They are aware that the rest of the world enjoys greater freedoms. China is the only very populous country in the world which oppresses its own people.  Human rights that are taken for granted in other countries are systematically repressed in China: right of assembly, of association, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from unlawful arrests, freedom from torture, from forced labor, exile, disappearances, and infliction of the death penalty for lesser crimes. The list is long and not exhausted! No wonder the people of Hong Kong are terrified and willingly risk their lives not to fall into such a legal quagmire.


The youth have demonstrated extraordinary courage in the current circumstances. They have suffered from tear gas poisoning and adverse effects, suffered injuries from rubber bullets and water hoses, and beating from police. Mostly they have been terrified by the police in riot-gear present at the marches, but not enough to stay home. They prefer to die than live in an unjust and repressive regime. These are extraordinary youths you have there. You can harness their idealism and courage for the good of China.


I implore you to show great restraint in dealing with these public demonstrations. Encourage the youth to demonstrate peacefully. Ask the police to stand down; to be present but not force the people to disperse. Avoid the use of riot-gear police; it only incites violence and bloodshed. Please never use lethal means to address the assemblies. Please engage in meaningful negotiations with leaders. Do not be afraid of losing face. On the contrary, the world’s community stands with the young people of HK who have shown so much courage, perseverance, and faith that you will eventually respond to their reasonable pleas for freedom. The government peaceful responses and self-restraint will bring the world’s gratitude and respect for China and its government.


The world has witnessed the people of the former Soviet Union achieve respect for their fundamental freedoms without the use of force and violence. It also started with peaceful demonstrations in the streets. It was an extraordinary moment to witness. Surely, if you show restraint and goodwill, a similar outcome may be achieved.


We plead with the greater China to join the community of nations in observing the inherent human rights of their citizens. Respect for basic human rights and fundamental freedoms will lead to greater stability, financial prosperity, and happiness for the Chinese people.


Thank you, dear Ambassador Tiankai, for being an accomplished diplomatic representative from your country to the US since 2013. Please send my regards and respect to the Honorable Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China. We hope to bridge the gap between your people’s legitimate requests and your government as it is our mission to help nations regain the path of life.






Louise Allard




















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