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Letter from the President


Louise, our President, returned from Uganda in May 2019. Our Feasibility Study for the St Raphael Teaching Hospital Project is almost complete. The Leadership Team has decided to focus our efforts on our area of specialty: the pediatric building. We are anxious to start as the needs for the children's population are especially great. This would be a way to start small and eventually build the full-fledged facility to provide for adult care as well. To learn more, see The St Raphael Hospital Project


Louise spent much time at the Pregnancy Resource Center located in Kampla. We focused on advancing the pilot program for a new Abstinence based education program to be taught in schools. We plan to use the Collier Community Abstinence Program used in Florida and having a great success record in decreasing pregnancies and STDs among the youth. We are working with two dioceses to approve the program for it to be taught in Catholic High Schools.


We are happy to report that the Health Partners' Insurance trial started in Kibaale in Feb 2018 now has more than 1500 members!. This means that we now have insured people receiving care! We are appointing our Governing Board!  We want local people to join a Health Insurance Cooperative which will help them to plan for their medical care the same way they plan for food, shelter, or clothing for their families. Our provider of care, the St Luke Health center 3, is under full expansion: two new building to meet the needs of increased customer base!! The insurance concept is such a blessing. Our architect, Philip Kivunike, has  completed full preliminary drawings for the 300 bed hospital, 150 beds in Phase 1.


Our Pregnancy Resource Center in Kampala is flourishing.We continue to counsel young women in distressing pregnancies. Once they receive our support, prayers, counseling, and baby clothing, they are no longer distressed. As our PRC provides an example of free and inconditional support for the young women,  their families react more positively and allow the pregnant youths to reintegrate their families. It is a circle of love, welcoming new life in spite of difficult circumstances at the onset. One young mother has graduated as a hairstylist/cosmetologist, a two-year program. Another mother will soon graduate as a cosmetologist. She is supported by a scholarship from our Adopt-A-Mom program. We will assist them any way we can with finding a position in accordance with their new skills!  Soon,they will be in a position to support themselves and their babies. Would you consider donating $50/month to sponsor a new mother?


Our 3 counselors teach our Youth Sexual Integrity program in schools to thousands of young people yearly. Students are given a healthy view of sexuality in the context of marriage, the best structure to experience parenthood and the healthier choice. We teach the value of life in the womb, the purpose of abstinence before marriage, the value of education and how to achieve your dreams. This combination works!


So far, Louise has trained more than 400 teachers of the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Fertility Regulation, so couples can learn a tool to plan their families naturally.


For the past two years, the Alliance has been operating a Billings Life Centre in collaboration with the World Organization of Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB). This center is located in our Pregnancy Resource Center in Kampala, Uganda.


We are working to end China's birth limitation policies..  It is now the Two-Child Policy. It qualifies as some progress but not sufficient. Even though China's leaders now allow two children, the same oppressive and brutal enforcement mechanisms to enforce the new policy remain in place, especially toward unmarried and pregnant women, and couples who exceed two children. So we will continue to raise awareness regarding the tremendous pain that this policy entails for Chinese women and their families. We want our Chinese sisters to be free to enjoy motherhood without being hunted down, forcibly sterilized and aborted. We realize that prayer is key to break this evil stronghold. We are inviting you to join in. It will be a joy to report deliverance!


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