We have mothers in Uganda who have delivered their babies under our support and counseling. They need help developing a job skill so they can support themselves and their babies.  Our program “Adopt-a-Mom” is similar to a Child Sponsorship program.  Will you give a monthly $50.00 donation for 12 to 30 months period to support mother and baby and allow mom to learn a new skill and find a job? This program is supervised by our counselors and Samuel Namalabe, the Alliance director in Uganda, who has wide experience directing child sponsorships programs.


Share in the joy of helping a struggling young mother and help her to provide for herself and her baby and learn a skill that will last her a lifetime.

Volunteer with Us

Countries in development need all kind of mentoring: engineering,
administration, building trades, teaching, even baking. Come discover how you can
help and apply your skills. If you are a baker, come and share your skills with us. We are opening a bakery Sept 2022!

Can you help with taking pictures and videos of our work? We would use them on our website and at fundraisers for the Alliance.

Are you medically trained? There is a great need for all disciplines,
including psych and social workers. Join a short-term outreach and
share your life-enhancing skills. Can you make a difference insuring
safe deliveries? Please get involved. Maternal mortality is high in Africa.
Precious lives are being lost in great numbers; young women suffer
fistulas because of long and dangerous labor. Would you like to join us as we begin to build the pediatric facilities in Oct 2022?


Cannot come with us? Support our St Raphael Teaching Hospital Project of Western Uganda.

Modern medical care barely exists in Uganda except in Kampala, the capital, where most doctors work and set up their clinics. Often, peoples’ illnesses are not getting diagnosed where they live because medical equipment such as x-rays, ultra-sound, cat scans, MRI, and common lab tests are not available. By the time the patient seeks medical attention in Kampala, it is often too late. Their disease has progressed too far. There is no prevention either. That is why stroke, cancer, and heart attacks are common. It is also why we started the St Raphael Hospital Project: to bring modern medical care to Western Uganda and other surrounding regions. To learn more go to: htpps://

Support our Pregnancy Resource Center in Kampala.
This will help prevent child abandonment and recourse to abortion. Our trained counselor is helping women and girls to find hope even in difficult circumstances. She is  involved in counseling, family reconciliation; providing resources and referrals, and clothing for the baby.


Would you join us? Come with us and discover how you can help and/or become an ally. Every donation makes a difference.

Alliance for Life International is a 501 © (3) federal non-profit
organization. Contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of
the Code. California Non-Profit Corporation EIN# 33-0819422






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