Louise teaches the Billings Ovulation Method to couples, nurses and midwifes. She also trained 450 teachers from all over Uganda, so they can spread the method themselves.

The Billings Ovulation Method is a modern method of Natural Family Planning. It was developed by two medical doctors in Australia, Doctors John and Evelyn Billings. It is very effective at helping couples achieve or postpone pregnancy naturally, without adverse side effects. This method does no harm to nascent human life or to the woman’s health. For more information on this method, go to:



We conducted a survey the method's application in Uganda. Please see LifeWatch Newsletter, June 2018 for very interesting results in the Publications section. The study is titled: Using the Billings Ovulation Method Leads to Better Health and Greater Productivity



Help us spread this method in Africa. They are under tremendous pressure from the international population controllers to reduce their population at any cost. They are being pressured to liberalize abortion. Campaigns of sterilizations are common place. All of this in a nation affected by AIDS and other diseases, high infant and maternal mortality, where death often comes too soon because of lack of modern medical care, where there is tremendous health disparities between the rich countries of the West and developing countries. Please join us as we help them to maintain their culture while giving couples the tool they need to plan their families in accordance with their cultural and religious beliefs. See the tremendous influence it has in the well-being of women and their families. See Nathan and Emily's testimony and Nulu's testimony on the Home Page.


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