Let's start with building the St Raphael Children's Medical & Wellness Center!

 The Hospital Project in Pictures.  Alliance for Life International is the primary initiator for the St Raphael Teaching Hospital of western Uganda. The Leadership Team has decided to focus our efforts on building a 41-bed children's facility, our area of specialty. We are tentatively calling it: St Raphael Children's Medical & Wellness Center. We say "tentatively" because we would be glad to call it another name to honor a major donor. The needs for that population are so great. We can start using it as soon as it is built because it can stand on its own. It is a way to start small and to gradually progress to the full-fledged facility by adding another 83 beds for the care of adults with medical, surgical, and Ob/Gyn needs for a total of 124 beds.


We received 100 acres of land from the Hoima Diocese. They are our first partner. Once the hospital is built, Uganda Martyr University School of Medicine has expressed interest in offering doctors' specialty training in pediatrics. We plan to offer internships for medical interns to meet their pediatric rotation requirements.




Sue, Eithne, and Louise visiting with a Kibaale family; their other 3 children are in school

<The health care in Uganda is seriously lacking. In their 2000 report, the World Health Organization has ranked the Uganda health care system at No. 149 out of 191 countries. Modern medical care can be found in Kampala the capital, but rarely in the rest of Uganda. Most doctors establish their practice in Kampala. Patients are not being diagnosed of their illness where they live. When they come to Kampala for care, they are already at Stage IV of their disease process. There are very limited diagnostic tools such as x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. Very few lab tests are available outside Kampala.


The western Uganda region is very populated. More than one million children stand to benefit from a specialized children’s hospital in Kibaale.



An important component of this project consists of encouraging the availability of health insurance in

the region. We have contacted Health Partners. They are well established in South Western Uganda since the late 90s. Their corporate office is in Kampala. They promote a co-operative model of health insurance. After several training sessions, ALI sponsored a Pilot program in the Kibaale region, starting in Feb 2018. Cyprian Biribonwa, a St. Raphael Hospital Project team member is leading the implementation effort.  At this time, 1200 insured members are receiving their care under the St Luke HC3 in the Bujuni parish. We are very hopeful that this concept will spread in the region. Eventually, the St Raphael Children’s Medical & Wellness Center will become a regional health care provider for this insured population. Naturally, the hospital will provide care for the uninsured who are private pay, or beneficiaries from other insurance groups.


After several years of planning, we are finally ready to begin construction in Oct 2022. Please visit our dedicated website for this project:




Our mission: to provide high quality, modern and affordable medical care with emphasis on neonatal, infant and child care with a strong commitment to wellness and disease prevention.


Our vision: Our core values:

  • Care shall be based on Christian values of concern for the disadvantaged, respect for human dignity inherent in all phases of development, and compassion in service.
  • We believe in the family-centered care approach to children’s care.
  •  Promotion of awareness, disease prevention and wellness
  •  A strong commitment to practice medicine and nursing within a Catholic Christian ethical     framework
  • Excellence in training and research with opportunities for collaboration with other teaching      medical institutions
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to care based on mutual respect which fosters an environment that encourages and rewards continuous education for all disciplines


In collaboration with our Church Partners, ALI’s responsibilities include raising the building funds, securing building plans and construction, equipping the hospital to provide modern medical care, and carrying the vision the completion.


The St Raphael Children’s Medical & Wellness Center will serve 1 million children in Western Uganda and the surrounding regions. They are desperate for specialized pediatric care, including wellness prevention. The St. Raphael Hospital will make a tremendous difference by saving lives, improving the general health status of children, and by stimulating the region’s economic growth.


Alliance for Life International is fully dedicated to bring this project to reality. We need your help!Our goal is to raise an additional $40,000 by Oct 2022 to help begin construction of the children's facilities. We are more than half-way there. Getting something on the ground will open many other avenues for funding. Will you join us?  Become a Founding Partner.





Louise Allard R.N., B.S.N., M.A. in International Human Rights







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