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Our works of education and service are demonstrated in Outreach Uganda.


For our most recent program in Uganda, go to: https://www.straphaelhospitalproject.org


It consists of building a Teaching Medical Center in Western Uganda. It will make a tremendous diffence in the lives and health of Ugandans.


The Buwenge Project: Completed 2011

Our project started in 2008. We adopted a hospital located in Buwenge. It is a 30 bed, public hospital funded by the government.There was a beautiful operating room which they used rarely except for minor procedures such as implanting contraceptives and minor cuts and repairs. So there it stood, unused. At the request of the Dept. of Health Services, we decided to equip this room to do c-sections to help women in long and obstructed labors.  Women who need emergency cesarean sections had to drive to the regional hospital, 45 minutes away. Often, they did not have the money to pay for transportation. By the time they got to the hospital, and wait some more, lives were lost: mother or baby, sometimes both. Maternal mortality is high in Africa. It is very low in developed countries such as the U.S. We found the health disparities unacceptable…

So we went to work to restore this operating room to the service of welcoming new life by providing safe birth. The Alliance built a walkway between the delivery ward and the operating room, changed windows in the OR and hospital wards, provided lighting in the OR and instruments sets for C-sections, built a shaded sitting area for the hospital large out-patient population, painted the whole hospital inside and out with the help of local volunteers, provided new mattresses and linens, brought medical supplies, built bathrooms/showers for patients’ use, donated an ultrasound, equipped a local clinic specialized in delivery with furniture, refrigerator for medications, delivery instrument set, and mattresses. See Photo Gallery here.


In February 2012, Outreach Uganda started a Pregnancy Resource Center in Kampala, the capital. We provide pregnancy counseling, support, resources, and referrals. In April 2013, the Alliance launched its Adopt-A-Mom program to help the new mother acquire a skill that will enable her to support herself and her baby.


The Alliance’s counselors teach Teen Sexual Education in schools or Churches. Thousands of children have received the training so far. They encourage the youth to save sexual activity till marriage and to value human beings from their earliest phase of development.


Since August 2011, the Alliance has trained 450 teachers of the Billings Ovulation Method.  This program is in full expansion in Uganda. A Kampala hospital that sent 12 nurses and their OB/GYN to the training started an NFP clinic based on the BOM. Several nurses staff the clinic full time. Another hospital in Orussi has done the same, and Bethesda Hospital in Soroti.



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