Our Mission: Alliance for Life International (ALI) is a faith-based, educational and charitable human rights organization. We affirm,defend, and live-out the built-in and equal value and dignity of all members of the human family, from their earliest phase of development to their natural end. Our concern for human life also extends to those who reside in socially disadvantaged countries where the lack of essential medical care is a reflectiion of severe health disparities and often results in shortened lifespans. It leads us to cooperate with leaders to improve medical care.

Our Vision:

A culture of life in which all members of the human family enjoy legal protection and care before and after birth.

Our Motivating Life Verse:

"Open your mouth for the speechless in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."Bible New King James Version, Prov. 31:8-9

Our first project in Uganda consisted of equipping the Buwenge Health Center IV to perform cesarian sections and making various improvements. The project took three years and was completed in 2011. During my last visit to the region in late 2014, the nurse sais that it had been a long time since a mother died surrounding labor. Lives are being saved, mothers and babies.

Our Kibaale Medical Project consists of bringing modern medical care to the Western region where life expectancy is 54 year compared to 59, the Uganda national average, and 80 in the US. The goal is to build a faith-based Teaching Hospital. Partners are joining us. The project received a 100 acre gift of land from the church. This land will belong to the new legal entity for the Teaching Hospital. Godfrey is our project coordinator. With the local team and the President of ALI, he is conducting the feasability study. See more information on this exciting endeavor.

Through our Pregnancy Resource Center located in Kampala, we help prevent child abandonment and recourse to abortion. Through counseling, support, and education, we accompany mothers in distressing pregnancies.

We launched our Adopt-A-Mom program in April 2013. This is to assist the new mother in developing a skill, so she can support herself and her baby.

We teach The Billings Ovulation Method TM, a means of natural fertility regulation which is very effective at postponing or achieving pregnancy and does no harm to nascent human life or to the woman’s health.

We conduct a Teen Sexual Integrity Program in schools and Churches. We stress AIDS and other STDs prevention, and encourage and equip the youth to postpone sexual activity until marriage. We teach that marriage is the best structure to experience parenhood.

We participate in Community Development by encouraging volunteers to partner with us in meeting the development needs in Uganda. So far, Beacon of Hope International joined hands with us to provide teen sexuality education. They introduced the Smart Choices program. Wider Hearts was founded by a volunteer who came to Uganda with us in 2012.  The Alliance has helped with school fees and provided micro-loans. So far, we have helped two nursing students to attend school through our Scholarship Fund. We have helped a little hospital located in Orussi either with their medication budget, or ambulance repair.

We encourage States to respect and protect human life. We work with them in a spirit of cooperation and conciliation to regain the paths of life. We do this by writing letters to ambassadors or other diplomatic channel.

Board Members:

Louise Allard, RN, B.S.N., M.A. in International Human Rights, Pres/Founder/CEO

Dennis Rasmussen, JD, Secretary

Dr. Sergio Stone, retired MD, OB/GYN, Vice-Pres., Treasurer

Dr. Stephen Meyer, Psychologist, Family Counselor




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